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Haunted Underground


This is a family adventure in a real haunted underground! Historical and paranormal are combined in this tour and investigation.  Use ghost tools to investigt

At this Ghost Adventures, Travel Channel site, we explore and learn Astoria's dark history, while using ghost tools to find spirits.

Spirits remain of people who met with an untimely demise, those with fond memories of having businesses below ground.  Many were shanghaied and the trap doors show where they were drop below ground. Giggling and footsteps as well as shadowy forms are often seen and heard on these investigations.  Bring your camera and any ghost tools you would like to use and we provide the EMF's, divining rods and the way to the door if you are too frightened to continue.  See what awaits you underground...

Tours are $20 per adult $15 for 12 and under. 

Tours begin in front of Gulley's Butcher Shop on the hour. Don't panic if no one is there at 5 minutes before the hour, other tours are finishing, they will be there.  Tours start at Gulley

For private tours or different days:

Private tours start at 150 per hour

Please contact 503-791-3068 text only

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