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Haunted Underground

In 1922 Astoria had a great fire and they built up from the ruins.  This underground was created during prohibition, during a time when the citizens and immigrants were being shanghaied.  The crime so thick under the cities streets they decided to close off all the passageways to every business underground.  

In 2016, I opened Gulley's Butcher Shop. I had my office underground, below the shop.  After seeing shadows moving, hearing noises and doors closing when no one was around, I decided to call an investigative team to see what was going on.   Abigail was a resident of the underground who owned a shop on the dark side. She died in her underground apartment and we believe she was the one trying to get my attention.  Ghost Adventures was the third team to investigate and they found the presence of a young child named Sarah.  You may ask, why do so many spirits remain in this underground space? For one, it remains mostly unchanged.  Join us to search for the spirits and hear what tales they have to tell.

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