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Astoria Ghost Tour Underground

A Little History

Opening Gulley's Butcher Shop in downtown Astoria in 2016, I quickly realized everything was not as it should be.  My desk was in an underground room, next to an old apartment. Within two weeks I had moved it out of the underground. 
I called the former tenants of the business and a group from Portland to come and see what was happening.  We had investigators visit to verify to help us figure out who was slamming doors and moving objects.  Ghost Adventure's filmed there as well as Twin Paranormal, resulting in a listing on Nuke's top five scariest.  Curious people who understand the complexities of the spirit world visited and asked to investigate our underground.  Now, open to the public, everyone can enjoy the interaction with spirits and investigate with ghost tools we provide.   It is a great way to see the shanghai hatches and hear the history of the underground, while searching for spirits.  When you complete the investigation you can even buy some ghost tools or jerky from Gulley's! 

Siddall Building

The investigation starts at Gulley's Butcher Shop where you meet you guide.  They take you down one set of stairs and the investigation begins. 

The tour is great for families, and serious investigators may bring their own equipment.  Private investigations available.

1255 Commercial Street Astoria


Kelly 661-714-8285 

OR  Jourdan 509-386-5342


The tour is $20 per person and $15 for age 12 and under.  The tour and investigation takes around 45 minutes to an hour.  Please book online or contact a guide if you want to try and join a same-day tour.

PRIVATE Tours and Investigations

Available weekly by appointment

150 for up to four people

Prices vary up to 15 people

Contact Diana text 503-791-3068 

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