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Haunted Underground

Below Astoria are the remains of a lost city, businesses that were legitimate co existed with prostitution, drugs and crimps, who would sell hard working individuals to ship captains for a hefty fee.  The city of Astoria was in declared immoral by the US government in 1923 who threatened to boycott it. 

It did no good.  Drugged men were passed through what once were garbage chutes down to the underground and taken out by boat to the large ships. The underground was bricked up in 1946 by city officials who could see no other way to fight the crime.  

Below Gulley's Butcher Shop is an access to the area where the businesses were and where many items were left when it was closed off.  You can see the damage from the 1922 fire that swept through the underground and the hatches that crimps used to lower the bodies of drugged men to await their trip to the ships.  Spirits remain of people who met with an untimely demise.  Giggling and footsteps as well as shadowy forms are often seen and heard on these investigations.  Bring your camera and any ghost tools you would like to use and we provide the EMF's.  See what awaits you underground...

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